Family Moments


After having done a few family portrait sessions I’ve realized that it’s the hardest one for me to do.

1) Because kids aren’t always that interested
2) Weather/lighting is always tough to call
3) Difficult to think of different poses

I’m really not at the level of unique poses yet. I’m not quite creative in that area but what I do love capturing are the candid moments. Those moments that aren’t always the best poses but are just so real that it shows who the family really is. Whether that be silly, serious or loving. Nonetheless, I’m always thinking of different photos to take with each family despite the difficulty of it because I get bored seeing my work being the same all the time.

In my previous post, I mentioned I’m not a huge fan of flash. I love natural lighting which is why I prefer shooting outdoors. Early mornings especially – I find everyone looks better in the morning :). A lesson I’ve learned is to definitely not be afraid to use that useful flash when needed. And to bring it despite my ill feelings towards it. I seriously have to learn to appreciate it better.

And kids are just so unpredictable which is a good and bad thing. I find that they can be really real and truthful in front of the camera but can always be the complete opposite. Both situations make up for interesting shots though.

Do any of you have memorable family portrait moments?

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