Nerds Unite!

Second Ottawa Comic Con and of course I attended. And how different it was compared to last year! Better guests, cosplayers, things to spend your money on and it was 3 days this time. Which meant it was SO MUCH busier compared to last year but with the busyness came the amazing cosplayers! And  I did appreciate the tent outside where we’d line up. Considering it only rained on the last day it was still very nice of the organizers.

Like on the Mother’s Day Zumba class, I was annoyed with my Tamron and changed again to my 50mm. I clearly have a thing for primes huh? Anyway, another thing different from last year was that it was easier to take photos of the cosplayers with my 50mm. This time around was not so. I had to move quite a bit to get the right shot and it was difficult with a lot of people crowding to also get their own. It was a fun challenge though and I did get a few good shots. Until next year Ottawa :).


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5 thoughts on “Nerds Unite!

    1. Thanks! And they definitely did! I caught them off guard when I asked them for a photo – they were just arriving and I had to ask them before I left. They were all awesome!

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