Peter & Marie-Eve

Around a year ago Marie-Eve told me that she wanted her engagement photos with Peter at the abandoned bridge downtown. At that time she wasn’t engaged yet but about a year later she is now! And she’s going to marry a Doctor Who fan – even better!

It was a beautiful evening to take photos and a few other photographers/couples had the same idea as we saw 2 other sessions going on. Neither of us had been to the Prince of Wales bridge so it was an interesting drive there – we did go around in circles a bit. We decided to walk which gave me the chance to take photos on the path while trying to dodge bikers. Our path to actually get onto the bridge was somewhat complicating as we didn’t realize there was a fence but we found a way which was a bit of a climb but it all worked out!

As the sun started to set, the mosquitoes were beginning to attack while Marie-Eve screamed at a goose and I got scared of a potential poison ivy outbreak (it was all in my head though).

Thanks again to both Peter & Marie-Eve for letting me take their engagement photos! Congratulations again you two!

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