Estrella and Matthew

Amazing newly weds, awesome bridal party, yummy food and a fun time. What else can I say? Oh yes – it didn’t rain! Most of the people who were part or who attended the wedding definitely worried about the rain situation. It was raining all week but thankfully it took a break for their big day.

Their wedding was at The Herb Garden in beautiful and far Kanata. The location was very relaxing and surrounded by nature (especially flies). Working with the bridal party was fantastic. They were up for anything and they were pros at candidly walking and talking to each other (photo evidence below – awesome photo).

Also, this was my first solo wedding – previous ones were as an assistant – and I was very nervous since I was by myself and because I’ve known the bride for 18 years. I learned a lot and I mean A LOT from this experience and I’m eager to keep trying new things. I’m fortunate to be able to again later on this summer. And I must say I felt pretty cool having dual cameras (thanks to my cousin Jelli for lending me her Nikon D5100). It was definitely a workout having that and my D600 around all evening.

Thank you again to Strell and Matt for allowing me to spend your big day with you. Congratulations!!













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