Mamiya ZE

I can’t remember the last time I used a film camera. Probably when I was still in elementary school. Once digital came out, my parents got us a Sony DSC-P2. Had the time of my life with that camera! I believe my parents still have it laying around somewhere. Few years later, after many pleadings with my mother, she got me my first DSLR which was a Nikon D50. I loved that camera too. Took it everywhere with me. Then came the Nikon D90 – and yes I enjoyed that camera too of course. Although when I started getting more serious with photography, I wanted to get on the bandwagon of Full Frame cameras. Traded the D90 for my current Nikon D600. Gone through a bunch of weddings and events with that wonderful DSLR. I’ve had the D600 now for I believe 3 or 4 years and I’m not looking into upgrading anytime soon. My everyday camera presently has been my Fujifilm x100s. Awesome everyday camera that I’ve been carrying with me whenever I go out. I’ll most likely be taking photos with it for our family Christmas party rather than my Nikon. It’s lighter and easier to bring which is great for my pregnant-self right now 😀

I’ve inherited this wonderful 35mm film camera from my father-in-law, who is also a big camera geek as well. I’m excited to learn and use it. There’s actually still film in it! We got batteries for it today and been carefully taking a bit of photos. I have no idea if they’ll be good or not but regardless I’m interested to see the results!

Film is definitely not dead as I’ve seen a lot of people still using film cameras and posting them on social media. Are you a film camera user? If you have any advice please let me know! Especially if you’re in the Ottawa area, I’d like to know if there’s a specific place to develop the film. Thank you!

Mamiya ZEMamiya ZEMamiya ZEMamiya ZE

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