Hospital adventure 

What a fun few hours at the hospital Thursday night 🙃. Don’t read on if not interested this might be long and too detailed for some

So I didn’t know dehydration can bring about contractions. How did I get dehydrated? Had 4 BM’s yesterday which isn’t like me during this pregnancy and also threw up my whole dinner. Like projectile into the toilet. Not so fun but thank God it was in the toilet. After that, started having shakes and was really cold. Not feverish though but this wasn’t normal so I wanted to go to triage right away. Started feeling contractions on the way there. I’ve never seen the hospital so quiet. I hope I do go into labour during the night it was so calm. Anyway, we get there and was seen right away. Explained to the nurse what happened and she seemed not too worried. She attached the heart monitor to my belly which made me more uncomfortable but hearing baby’s heartbeat like a superstar was awesome. Saw the doctor soon after and they checked my cervix. I was nice enough to let a male student check it too though he really should make sure his nails are cut. Wasn’t dilated so their diagnosis was dehydration from all the BM’s and throwing up. They wanted me to stay an extra hour to check my urine and also gave me 2 glasses of water. Sleeping wasn’t bad. Of course had to pee every hour. This morning I feel way better. Walking around actually helps and Snoopy seems happier now. He did freak out when we left in a hurry and he started crying when we came home. Hopefully it’ll be a normal weekend. Was a good practice drive to the hospital though. And today, baby is still moving a lot as usual and kicking my lungs like she’s saying it’s all good mama. 

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