Maëlle's BaptismI have been fortunate enough in my life to capture beautiful moments for those who allow me to – and I am thankful that there have been those who have let me.

The question that people always ask me when I say that I am a photographer is “Why do you like taking photos?” I believe my answer is almost the same as every other person who has this similar passion: to remember moments. 


It’s a simple answer but can mean so many things. Moments can vary from being loving, funny, heartbreaking, exciting, scary and so much more. If you have the ability to capture such things why would you not? Everyone wants to see those times – even the bad ones sometimes.

PowieOf course there are those who have way more experience than me and I do look to them for inspiration in my work. Yet I also strive to be unique in this ever competitive business. But hey, I’m just happy if I can capture whatever I can. And I thank those who have given me the pleasure to do so.

If you wish to see some of my work please click on the arrow next to GALLERY on the left menu.

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